Case Study: Making Tracks With Formula One

Motorsport and music: both loud, both need tracks, both have an ABBA connection…

Who could forget Swedish driver Slim Borgudd who raced for Tyrell and finished sixth at the 1981 British Grand Prix? To the more discerning, Slim will always be Abba’s session drummer. However, despite having band’s name slapped down the side, apparently no money money, money was involved. The Abba logo was a ploy to lure other investors…

One other man with a passion for motorsport and a musical pedigree is Dutch DJ, remixer, multi-platinum electronic producer and soundtrack genius Junkie XL. Or Tom Hulkenburg to his family.

Hulkenburg was invited to create an album for Red Bull Music celebrating the success of fellow Dutchman, F1 champ Max Verstappen. To launch The Racing Collection, a video, produced by Arc & Foundry’s David Granger, hit the channels. David interviewed Tom at his LA studio and oversaw the edit for Red Bull TV. To date the video has been seen by more than 55,000 of the 1.67million Red Bull Racing YouTube subscribers.

You can see David’s video here:

You can listen to the album here:


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