Case Study: Talking Cricket in Cars

When Cinch sponsored the English Cricket international teams, they needed a series which was appealed to cricket fans, promoted their website, but fitted in with a busy Ashes summer for the men and women’s teams.

Introducing… Conversations in Cars.

Get two players sitting side by side in the front of a cinch-branded car, asking and answering questions on cricket, life and their cars.

Easy to set up, mobile, relevant, funny, informative… all achieved. An easy set-up meant it could be shot everywhere from Lord’s to a car park in Nottingham and took out little of the players’ time.

This repeated and repeatable series was Arc & Foundry director David Granger’s idea: produce a series for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram) throughout the international cricket season with England men’s and women’s stars.

The 11 episodes achieved 3.1 million impressions on three social media channels over the summer series, but perhaps best of all, was the reaction of the fans:

@sambillings: This is content

@louis1 Great series! Love this team

@jonahsweddin Brilliant! More please

@motye Can’t you keep doing these? They’re class

@tomandgower These Cinch things are quite enjoyable.

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