What We Do

We use highly creative content to get you in front of global and national audiences.

Our experience lies in the worlds of motoring, sports and motorsport, but the principles and techniques can – and have – been successfully applied to a broad range of brands.

We ensure your business gets the maximum from your content – by understanding your needs and transforming that into exceptional content for websites, social media, influencers, PR, and events.





We Do Everything Using the Most Effective:


Doing business is all about working with people. And it works best when it’s good people. From our team to the creators we work with, we make sure we offer you experts, but experts you want to work with.


At the heart of efficiency is good technology. Tech that helps and supports, removes the complicated and makes your life easier and more effective. This could be AI or generative AI – we’ll let you know exactly how we use either, as we have experience and expertise in both. We can also create dashboards for you to track your content and its success.

We can take everything off your plate, we can work beside you or we can show you the tools, technology and techniques for you to run things inhouse.


Processes should be efficient, effective but ultimately invisible. We’ve developed a whole series of ways of working which help you, but won’t affect or distract you.

The most important one is the 5P framework. We split our services into five areas:

We can do all, a few or a combination to support you and your marketing.

We Have Worked With:

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Case Study: Talking Cricket in Cars When Cinch sponsored the English Cricket international teams, they...

Case Study: Making Tracks With Formula One

Case Study: Making Tracks With Formula One Motorsport and music: both loud, both need tracks...

The Arc & Foundry Story

We draw on a combination of an outstanding skill set gained over the last thirty years by our directors, and a supporting cast of some of the finest creative minds in the automotive and sport sectors.

Why “Arc & Foundry”?

All great stories have an arc – the path a story follows. It’s a clear beginning, middle, and end. For us, that arc becomes planning, production and performance.

And Foundry because we’re creating amazing content which has a lasting impact for your brand.

The Directors

The Arc & Foundry team has created jaw-dropping marketing campaigns for the biggest brands in motoring and sport.

Marc and David have backgrounds in journalism and have used those skills to support major brands, world championship-winning teams and their sponsors to get the maximum from their marketing. It’s about creating killer content which reaches a broad audience and captures their imagination.

From PR to social, from influencers to events… however we tell your story, we reach the right people using the most effective platforms.


For almost 20 years David has successfully created digital and social content strategies at national and global scale.

Much of that was with Red Bull: initially for its two Formula One teams and then at Red Bull Media House’s global HQ in Salzburg.

He has led teams producing award-winning video, text and photography as well as social media and influencer marketing.

He has also worked with GoPro, Cinch, the Bundesliga and the English and Wales Cricket Board.

He has an extensive network of contacts in the sporting and motoring worlds and major media players.


Marc has been one of the world’s leading motorsport journalists and marketeers for more than two decades.

He was the youngest (and longest-serving) editor of the world’s largest motorcycle publication MotorCycle News. He subsequently joined Bennetts, where he was head of content for one of the UK’s largest insurance companies, launching Bike Social and heading up PR, social media, content and events.

In 2016 Marc and Paul launched Potski Media, the fastest-growing content marketing, PR and events agency in motorcycling, working with the highest-profile brands and teams including Honda, Yamaha, and Ducati.


Paul has been involved in ten start-ups, including Principal Bike Insurance, The Bike Insurer, Motorcycle Spare Parts and Vehicle Replacement Group, achieving major success with all of them.

He’s a problem-solver and likes every action to move the client forward. He takes time to gain a deep understanding of the businesses we work with to ensure we are always aligned to a desired outcome.

After a successful eight years running Potski Media with Marc, Paul is a founding partner of Arc and Foundry, bringing his extensive knowledge of the motoring industry, nurturing clients and keeping a close eye on finances and A&F’s future.

Let's get started.

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