Tech and creative in harmony - getting the right content to the right audience

Our director David spoke at the Creative Tech Europe conference last week in London. 

Aimed at those who are creating and publishing content the conference explained what technologies are on offer for the creative industries and the best ways to work with them.

Up for discussion was how technology can provide marketing teams and agencies with a competitive edge, work globally and tackle everything from automation to AI and localisation.

Joining David were Nick Goodchild of Tommy Hilfiger, Dan Oros of Creatopy and Mark Stocker of The Very Group. Moderating the session was Clair Carter-Ginn from Forecast Agency.

Here’s what others had to say at the conference:

  • Jarrod Gingra, managing director of Real Story Group, explained there are nine trends in creative tech:

1. Desire for omnichannel Experience
2. Rise of the never finished experience
3. Content supply gap
4. Data and content getting closer
5. AI everywhere
6. In-house agency pendulum swings back
7. Buying mistakes
8. Vendor bullying
9. More rigorous selection processes

  • Andre Le Masurier, global head of brand and culture at Skyscanner, said marketing needs to Know when to use AI and not to use AI – trust your gut and common sense

  • Carrie Crigler Co-founder of Optikka and creative director Nathan McDowell discussed how generative AI in commercial campaigns require tight briefs, and tight brand and legal guidelines and discussed licensing models’ likeness rights and structural workflows

  • Jeremy Wintroub EVP of Production Strategy at ICP said the aim is Story at Scale, successfully combining creative and tech 

  • Emily Latham, former head of digital marketing at Channel 4 said while content and data are closer than ever, automation will kill the soul of advertising and Brands cannot do everything inhouse – we still need agencies

  • Dan Montalbano, VCCP’s global head of operations demonstrated how AI is supercharging the agency’s inhouse AI agency Faith’s ability to create for clients 

At Arc & Foundry we’re believers in tech supporting creative efforts and ensuring brands get to cut through the noise using imaginative marketing and the latest tools and technology to get the right content to the right audiences.

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